Sunday, October 29, 2006

Not enough time free this weekend to do anything other that apologize for the lack of gripping installment this week.

An what a gripping installment it would have been too. See Liam:

... trapped by landslides and fallen trees in a small one street highland town with nothing to do but read (I was paid to sit about and read all day. How brilliant is that?)

... drive for hundreds of miles and endure long ferry trips, to take his children to Tobermorey. A town famous for being the location of a favourite kid's TV show Ballamorey and which smelled like a seaside bus station; that strange damp mixture of fish offal and diesel which you only find in fishing ports.

... endure the most awful bit of 'table wetting' ever in the history of crap service in the UK catering industry.

... sit in the pub for hours at the pub quiz and discover the third unforeseen consequence of the smoking ban. Until this year all pub tables had ash trays. Now they don't. There is no where for anyone to dump the crumpled up bus tickets, chewing gum wrappers old toothpicks etc etc.

... delete twenty three million spam and get his email working again.

If I get a chance I will expand on all these and more next week. Until then, just for Tyler, here is this week's mystery code:

Rearrage the following word into a well know SF character's name


Answer: Doctor Who


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