Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Downloading Pictures from Flickr.com

Downloading Pictures from Flickr.com

Right clicking on an image in http://www.flickr.com and selecting 'Save Image As' will download an image called http://www.flickr.com/images/spaceball.gif (a 1X1 pixel image) because of something called "Display Block" which I don't claim to understand or how to use, but I do know how to get round it.

Get to the Flickr page with the image you want to lift.
Show the source code: [Ctrl]+[U] in Firefox, Netscape etc. View > Source in Internet Explorer.
Find 'spaceball' on the source code page.
Scroll back along the line with 'spaceball' in it until you get to the previous IMG tag which will look something like this:

img src"http://static.flickr.com/768/92z346x70236b823678ef.jpg?v=0"

Copy and paste the URL (everything between the quote marks) into the address bar of your browser.


Right click on the image and save.


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